About us

Whatagallery is a sales portal for artists, galleries, collectors etc.
Whatagallery’s target is to present works of high artistic quality.
In order to secure this, whatagallery solely decides which artists and works that will be promoted on whatagallery. Denials of applicants, respectively denials of works will not be justified.
Whatagallery maintain and update the contents of the homepage.
If you want to sell a work, you can apply via info@whatagellery.com or call +45 2618 1227. You are also welcome to fill in the contract formula below, instead.
Jeppe Westrup is the owner of whatagallery, and started graffitigalleriet.dk in 2003 and arttragallery.dk in 2011.
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Conditions for sale via whatagallery

Buying and selling is free via whatagallery for buyer and seller.
All sale will take place directly between buyer and seller.
Whatagallery respectively seller can cancel the co-operation with one day of notice.
If seller is using photos and/or text from copyrighted works in an ”advertisement”, seller will be responsible for the use if this violates third party rights, including copyrights, copyright and other intellectual property rights.
Seller is therefore responsible for at the use of third parties texts, photos etc. at any time fulfill the valid Danish regislation and that any form for intellectual property rights are respected and honored in accordance to any time stipulated rules.
Whatagallery therefore renounces the responsibility for violation of the rights mentioned and any contact regarding this will be transferred directly to the seller.

Conditions regarding use of the homepage and purchase via whatagallery

Whatagallery is not involved in the transaction between buyer and seller.
Whatagallery is not responsible for works, bought via the homepage
Whatagallery cannot be held resposible for purchase via the homepage.

In case whatagallery will be found responsible despite the above conditions, the responsibility towards buyer, seller or any third party (whether this responsibility has arisen contractual, without contract, by negligence, objective responsibility, law or any other way) will be limited to max. DKK 1,000.

Changes or corrections

Whatagallery will at any time update these conditions


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