Take care of the Earth – € 25


Take care of the Earth!

The “United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009” will finally take place in December 2009.

We have made our own climate project in order to get people focusing more on the state of the Earth by producing organic T-shirts, stickers and badges based on a painting made by Affex Ventura, who has been so kind to make his work available for the project.

We find the message very strong and direct, which probably will provoke people – and this is also our intention!

The most important participants will receive a package consisting of a T-shirt, a sticker, and a badge, and we really hope they will wear it, so the message will be sent out to the whole world.

This is one of our contributions in helping the Earth. Let’s join hands and live our lives, so we don’t harm the Earth!!


This was written in 2009, but now it’s even more important after Donald Trump decided to step out of the Paris Climate agreement.

Take care – graffitigalleriet.dk

The price is incl. delivery.